Django AutoCTF

Screenshot of the site

The Django based CTF platform I created. Mostly a demo, with programmatically generated flags. It uses Python(Django, PIL, Sympy), CSS3(Bootstrap), JavaScript(jQuery, BootStrap4).

All flags are programmatically generated. It features a basic scoreboard, a hint system, an admin panel, 2FA, ratelimiting, captcha, and sanitizes all user input.

See it live at

Fox and Hound Wargame

Fox and Hound welcome screen

The Fox and Hound Wargame is a series of challenges inspired originally by OverTheWire's Bandit. It diverged not long after the initial planning phase. Now it features 18 challenges that map to the NSA's KUs for Linux/Scripting. Further each challenge is programmatically generated and is also solved by the same script. Each challenge also features a welcome screen with the instructions readily available. Each user is given their own "playground" to work with.