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I would suggest using this in combination with a password manager like KeePass and this way you have to remember only two passwords one for generating the unique password for each site and one for keeping the database for your passwords safe. When doing this make sure that your password that you're going to use scores at least a 2. You can utilize the score password button to get feedback and see how strong the password you're going to use is. Below I have included links to the Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux versions that I recommend as all are open source.

iOSMiniKeePass It is Open Source and is also Free.
AndroidKeePassDroid I personally use F-Droid to get it. It only has open source ad-free no tracking apps in it's list.
Linux/OSXKeePassX Linux version is nice but sadly now it is database version 2 but all other ones listed use/are able to use this improved format.
WindowsKeePass The original program that was written for Windows. It also has versions for other platforms but I would suggest using the ones I listed instead of the other ones listed on the page for other platforms.

You can change the strength of the protection that the database gives you. If unsure how to change it just leave it as the default. For those with more expereience make sure it is AES(Rijndael) and the Encryption Rounds is set to 100000(100,000). That should provide you with a basic level of protection from attackers trying to steal your passwords from the database so long as you have made sure the password you use to open that database scores at least a 2 via this tool's score password function.